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The WBEA monitors ambient air in the RMWB 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, through a network of ambient air monitoring stations, including continuous and time-integrated air monitoring methods. Use this guide to better understand how to find and access the WBEA’s data.

Ambient Air Monitoring Stations & Data

Click on a station from the list below to load that station's data.

Athabasca Valley
Barge Landing
Bertha Ganter – Fort McKay
Buffalo Viewpoint
Christina Lake
Ells River
Fort Chipewyan
Fort Hills
Fort McKay South
Hangingstone Expansion
Jackfish 1
Jackfish 2/3
Kirby North
Kirby South
Lower Camp
Lower Camp Meteorological Tower
MacKay River
Mildred Lake
Patricia McInnes
Sawbones Bay
Stony Mountain
Surmont 2
Waskōw ohci Pimâtisiwin

Monitoring Station

Visualize Station Data

Select date parameters to begin:

Notes concerning data quality:

Level 1 data used from this web site is accessible in raw form only before data validation processing. Level 1 data is preliminary and may change during the validation process. Level 2 data has undergone validation review and is considered final data.

View the station/tower information.
Click on each pin on the map below to view the information.

Filter the stations.
Click on the icons in the legend below the map.

View the station's data.
Click the station pin and then click 'View Station Data' from the popup (only for certain stations).

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Ambient Air Monitoring

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Deposition & Effects Monitoring

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