Fort McKay Air Quality Index (AQI)

The Community of Fort McKay has developed a Fort McKay Air Quality Index (FMAQI), based upon air quality measured by WBEA at its Fort McKay-Bertha Ganter air quality monitoring station.

The FMAQI incorporates the pollutants NO2, O3, and PM2.5 measured to calculate the existing AQHI. In addition, the FMAQI incorporates measurements made by WBEA of TRS, THC, and SO2.

Threshold levels for potential odour-causing TRS and THC used to calculate the FMAQI were based on sensitivity analysis of reported concentrations measured when odours were present in the community. The Fort McKay Sustainability Department advises Fort McKay Community members to use the FMAQI as a general indicator of air quality. When the hourly FMAQI number is much higher than the AQHI number, it generally indicates that odours are likely to be present in Fort McKay.

The FMAQI was subjected to an external scientific validation prior to it being displayed on the WBEA website.