Interactive Monitoring Map 

Lower Camp Met Tower

AMS 3 - Lower Camp Met Tower

(Longfitude: -111.50640 Latitude: 57.03210)

This AMS was originally part of the air monitoring network operated by Suncor Energy Ltd. It contained analyzers that continuously measured SO2, H2S, and THC. Due to an unsuitable microclimate, the continuous analyzers were moved to a new AMS (Lower Camp) located nearby. The meteorological tower is still operating in the original location.

The lower portion of the tower is 167 m high. At heights of 20 m, 45 m, 100 m, and 167 m there are sets of instruments that measure temperature, horizontal wind speed and direction, and vertical wind speed.

Historical Monitoring Data

Current Data

Time of Data:
2017-09-20 00:00:00 (Mountain Standard Time)
ParameterHourly Average
Wind Speed @ 20m 8.14 km/h
Wind Speed @ 45m 0.00 km/h
Wind Speed @ 100m 19.99 km/h
Wind Speed @ 167m 26.43 km/h
Wind Dir. @ 20m 25.50 deg.
Wind Dir. @ 45m 0.00 deg.
Wind Dir. @ 100m 40.69 deg.
Wind Dir. @ 167m 55.91 deg.
Temp @ 20m 9.10 deg. C
Temp @ 45m 9.14 deg. C
Temp @ 100m 8.89 deg. C
Temp @ 167m 8.57 deg. C
RH 91.10 % @ 20m
RH 89.60 % @ 45M
RH 88.70 % @ 100m
RH 88.10 % @ 167m
Vertical Wind Speed @ 20m -0.29 km/h
Vertical Wind Speed @ 45m 0.00 km/h
Vertical Wind Speed @ 100m -0.09 km/h
Vertical Wind Speed @ 167m 0.26 km/h

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