September 30, 2011

Fort McMurray, Alberta – Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment and Hammerstone Corporation have joined the General Membership of the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA).


WBEA’s membership voted unanimously to accept the new members at its 114th General Member’s meeting on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011.

Murray Hilderman, Air Policy Architect, Technical Resources Branch, Ministry of Environment said:

“We agree with the ‘airshed’ approach used in the Fort McMurray region and feel the consensus based decision-making will provide a suitable platform to discuss potential transboundary issues. We appreciate the opportunity to participate at the WBEA table.”

Hammerstone is the owner and operator of a limestone quarry located in the heart of the mineable oil sands area of Athabasca, 60 km north of Fort McMurray. Hammerstone is the only supplier of 100% crushed limestone aggregates manufactured for optimum performance to deliver solutions for the long term economic and environmental sustainability of the Athabasca oil sands industry.

“Hammerstone has been operating in the Wood Buffalo region since 2009 and we are committed to monitoring Particulate Matter in accordance with our operating approval through the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act,” says Chris Wellwood, Environmental Coordinator with Hammerstone.

“The inclusion of our air monitoring station in WBEA’s network will allow us to further contribute to environmental monitoring in the Wood Buffalo region,” said Wellwood.

With the addition of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment and Hammerstone Corporation, WBEA now has a total of 27 members