November 14, 2011

A new, one-stop web portal makes it easy to find detailed information on the environmental performance of Alberta’s oil sands facilities.

Searchable data highlighting such things as facility-specific water use, greenhouse gas emissions, tailings pond size and land disturbance and reclamation is part of Alberta’s ongoing work to make oil sands information more open and transparent.

“Open access to information allows people to form their own opinions and ask important questions about industry performance and regulatory oversight,” said Alberta Environment and Water Minister Diana McQueen. “Science is driven by debate and discussion and it is my hope that this site serves to drive excellence and innovation in oil sands environmental management. It is part of our commitment to being a world-leading, responsible energy producer.”

While oil sands data and information has always been publicly available, it has often been difficult to find and time-consuming to access. The portal is the culmination of three years work to compile data and information from a variety of sources.

In addition to facility data, the Oil Sands Information Portal includes an interactive map with real-time regional air quality information and river flow data. It also provides a downloadable data library with easy access to environmental impact assessments, water approvals and licenses, and compliance reporting.

WBEA provides air monitoring data from our industry and community air monitoring stations to the Oil Sands Information portal. Users can log on and easily link to our real time Air Quality Health Index readings, industry station readings, as well as historical data.

WBEA is pleased to be part of this important initiative for Albertan’s, and we are happy to provide data and information that make the portal even more robust. We look at the Oil Sands Information Portal as a great opportunity to share our air, and air related effects monitoring information, with an even wider audience.

As an organization that is continually striving for improvement, WBEA looks forward to seeing the portal grow and evolve even further in the future. WBEA will continue to contribute in any way that we can, in order to give Albertan’s, Canadian’s and the rest of the world access to the scientific facts about environmental monitoring in the oil sands region.

Visit the Oil Sands Information Portal at osip.alberta.ca

Click to view a video of Dr. Percy, WBEA Executive Director, speaking at the Oil Sands Information Portal Launch.