May 24, 2013

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) is pleased to announce two new additions to their senior staffing compliment.

Dr. Tom Clair joins WBEA as the new Lead Scientist for the Association and Mr. Jean-Guy Zakrevsky as the new Program Manager for WBEA’s Ambient Air Technical Program and Terrestrial Environmental Effects Monitoring Program.

Dr. Tom Clair is joining WBEA after a 40 year environmental research career, 34 of which were with Environment Canada in the Atlantic Region. Dr Clair’s main research focus while at Environment Canada, was understanding the interaction between air pollutants – land and water systems, especially for acid rain, mercury, reactive nitrogen. He has published over 80 papers in the peer reviewed literature, and an equal number of technical reports and policy documents on related topics.

Recently, Dr. Clair has led Canada-US research groups on mercury effects in eastern North America, as well as a Canada-USA workgroup on acidification modeling.  He was also Environment Canada’s representative on the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Working Group on Effects of Air Pollutants, as well as its Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen.

Dr. Clair’s main responsibilities with WBEA will be to provide oversight and advice for WBEA monitoring and research programs, and to assist the Executive Director and the WBEA Board in assessing new science developments relevant to WBEA’s programs.

Mr. Zakrevsky comes to WBEA with over 25 years of senior program and project management experience at Environment Canada, where he directed environmental laboratories, water quality and hydrology monitoring, and science programs.

Zakrevsky’s career has involved a significant amount of formal interaction with multiple parties and stakeholders, including the Prairie Provinces Water Board, and several Canada-USA trans-boundary water quality committees. He represented Canada’s interests with respect to water monitoring on Arctic-HYDRA, an international committee which had a mandate from the World Meteorological Organization to coordinate pan-Arctic scientific work related to climate change.

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Zakrevsky has interfaced with the scientific community through various consultation forums and collaborative initiatives. He has been active in water policy development and strategic planning initiatives. He played a significant role in the development of a national hydrometric monitoring business case, and national level consultation that led to major strategic and operational plans to prioritize future technological and human resources investments in the hydrometric program. While at Environment Canada, Zakrevsky founded a national Water Modelling Community of Practice that successfully promoted closer linkages between the science, monitoring and policy communities.

Zakrevsky’s responsibilities at WBEA will involve managing and directing the Ambient Air Technical program, as well as the Terrestrial Environmental Effects Monitoring program.

WBEA Executive Director, Dr. Kevin Percy, is pleased to welcome both new staff members to the WBEA team, “I am very excited to have Mr. Zakrevsky and Dr. Clair on board. As former long-term Environment Canada staff members, both scientists have a wealth of experience and bring unique perspectives and expertise to the table.”

Dr. Percy adds, “WBEA is committed to undertaking solid scientific environmental work in the RMWB, and I look forward working with our newest staff members to fulfill that commitment as WBEA contributes to the implementation of the Canada-Alberta Joint Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring, and transitions into the new Alberta Environmental Monitoring Agency.”

Dr. Tom Clair, Lead Scientist

Jean-Guy Zakrevsky, Program Manager, Ambient
Air Technical Program & Terrestrial Environmental
Effects Monitoring Program