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Level 1 (L1) Data

Level 1 (L1) data are raw air quality monitoring data displayed directly from monitoring equipment output signals. L1 data is generally indicative of ambient conditions, however, it has not been reviewed, validated, nor processed for baseline drift and other fluctuations by qualified technicians. Final processed and validated data values may vary from L1 values displayed on this site. A displayed value of ‘n/d’ indicates air monitoring data is not available at the corresponding time due to scheduled maintenance and/or instrument calibration. Charted data is locked to the range of the analyzer by default, and can be unlocked by the appropriate control. Level 1 data are available from the WBEA website in near real time. View individual monitoring stations for real-time data from that station.

Level 2(L2) Data

Level 2 (L2) data are quality controlled data. These data are processed monthly; including a data summary, validation and baseline correction of air quality measurements for analyzer drift. Data are further reviewed by WBEA as an acceptance test before generation of monthly compliance reports and distribution to various locations, including the WBEA PI database for continuous data, the WBEA website (wbea.org), the CASA data warehouse and WBEA members. This is WBEA’s final data – these data are usually available 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which they were collected.

Please follow this link to access Remote Odour, Denuder, and Forest Health Monitoring data.