Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)

The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is for everyone. The AQHI provides a number from 1 to 10 to indicate the level of relative health risk associated with local air quality.

The higher the AQHI number, the greater the health risk and need to take precautions.

Occasionally, when the amount of air pollution is extremely high, such as during a forest fire smoke event, the AQHI may exceed 10.

Planning Outdoor Activities with the AQHI

Each individual reacts differently to air pollution. If you are part of the at risk population, use the AQHI to assess the immediate risk air pollution poses to your health and take steps to lessen that risk. Even if you are relatively healthy, fit and active, you can consult the AQHI to decide when and how much activity to undertake outdoors.

AQHI Forecasts

The AQHI also forecasts health risks from air quality for tonight and tomorrow. Check the AQHI in your community before heading off to work or play, and use the forecasts to plan your activities, whether over the next hour or the next day.

AQHI Health Messages

Each level of health risk is associated with a pair of health messages for at risk and general populations. It suggests steps we can take to reduce our pollution exposure.

PLEASE NOTE: The three pollutants measured to calculate the AQHI do not include the reduced the sulphur compounds and volatile organic compounds that contribute to odour events experienced in several communities within the RMWB.


Stay informed on outdoor air quality conditions, plan your outdoor activities, and manage exposure to outdoor air pollution. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Canada app informs users of the level of health risk associated with local outdoor air quality. The app provides hourly AQHI readings and daily forecasts for all AQHI communities across Canada.

The app includes the following features:

  • User defined push notifications based on the AQHI level and stations you choose
  • Map screen to view spatial distribution of AQHI over a region or the entire country
  • GPS capability to bring you to your nearest station from the map screen
  • Profile view for setting favourite communities
  • Tips for taking personal action to improve air quality

Download from iTunes (iOS devices)

Download from Google Play (Android devices)

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