Membership Inquiries

If your company ororganization is interested in WBEA membership, please send us an email using the form below and you will be contact for further information and next steps. Full information on the different membership types can be seen below this form.

IMPORTANT: Prior to submitting your membership application for review, please read and ensure that your company/organization understands and agrees to the following WBEA Membership Policy, Criteria, Bylaws & Principles:

Full Status Membership

Full Status Members are entitled to all privileges of full membership in the Association including, but not limited to, voting, participation in Association committees and working groups and use of Association data.

Associate Membership

Associate Members are entitled to:

  1. attendance at all annual and general meetings, with no decision-making status at meetings (participation shall be allowed in discussion of agenda items provided that such participation does not breach items c and d listed below)
  2. receipt of minutes of annual and general meetings

Associate Members shall not participate in the following capacities:

  1. any discussions that require a decision to be made or an action to be taken including, but not limited to, voting, debates and action items unless requested to do so by the WBEA Board
  2. as a member of an Association committee or working group unless requested to do so by the WBEA Board

*Please Note: Associate members are not entitled to use Association data or name for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, EIAs or any other document which may further that Associate members prestige or ability to influence a commercial outcome for that organization unless a Use of Data fee is paid.

Membership in the Association shall be open to all organizations that have an interest in the natural environment of the Wood Buffalo region, including Aboriginal groups; environmental and other non-government organizations; municipal, provincial and federal government authorities; and resource developers operating or having an environmental impact on the region.

Prospective new members shall apply for membership to the Association.

Qualification for membership shall include meeting, at a minimum, set criteria. Membership requires adherence to the Membership Principles as set out in the Bylaws of the Association.

Membership fees shall reflect and be consistent with the capacity of each member organization.

Full Status membership requires entering into the Association’s Standard Agreement with Full Status members as held in the head office of the Association.

The Association shall recognize membership status as “Associate Member”, as defined in the Bylaws of the Association, for those organizations that desire only limited participation in Association activities.

Membership may be terminated for just cause.

This policy is made in accordance with the Bylaws and objectives of the Association.

The following are criteria that, at a minimum, must be met for membership qualification:

  • Organizations must have a purpose statement.
  • Organizations must have legal status.
  • Organizations must have a representative or alternate available for Association meetings.
  • Organizations must have an interest in the natural environment and, when applicable, operate or have an environmental impact on the Wood Buffalo region.
  • Organizations must indicate their commitment to the Association Objectives and Bylaws, Principles, Vision and Mission.

2.1 The Members of the Association are the applicants for incorporation, and those corporate or unincorporated organizations, societies, or government bodies who subsequently became or become Members in accordance with these Bylaws and Association policies, as amended from time to time. All applicants are eligible for either Associate of Full-status membership.

2.2 Corporate or unincorporated organizations, societies or government bodies may apply for membership and are eligible to become a Member based on assessment and acceptance by the Board.


2.3 Privileges granted by the Association to Association Members include, but are not limited to: participation in decision-making, and any associated dialogue thereof; participation on Association Committees and Working Groups; voting rights, under circumstances that require voting; and use of Association data and information for commercial use.


2.4 A Member that is a corporation, an unincorporated organization, society or government body shall appoint a natural person to act as its Representative at meetings of the Association. The name and contact information of the Representative shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.

2.5 Such member must designate an alternate Representative to attend any meeting the Representative does not attend. The name and contact information of the alternate Representative shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.

2.6 Each Member may change, by notice in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer, the name of its designated Representative or alternate Representative. The Secretary-Treasurer must receive this written notice at least ten days prior to the effective date of the change.

2.7 The Representative and alternate are equally entitled to the privileges granted by the Association as set out in these Bylaws and Association policies in accordance with their membership status.

Membership Fees

2.8 All Members shall pay an annual membership fee consistent with their capacities and capabilities, as well as their status designation.

2.9 The amount of annual membership fees shall be established in a manner consistent with the Association policies, as amended from time to time.

Compliance with Bylaws

2.10 Every Member shall comply with and is bound by these Bylaws and associated Schedules.

Membership Termination

2.11 With the exception of full-status funding commercial members, any member may relinquish its membership upon giving thirty (30) days written notice to the Association through the Secretary-Treasurer.

2.12 Full-status industry members may, at their absolute discretion, terminate membership coinciding with the end of the then current calendar year or not less than (30) days written notice to the WBEA prior to the end of any such calendar year, to be effective at the end of such calendar year, which shall include the members decision not to renew its membership in WBEA.

2.13 Full-status industry members may terminate membership on seven (7) days’ notice to WBEA if, in the sole opinion of the full-status member, its’ regulatory compliance requirements of are considered jeopardized by a default by WBEA of its obligations in accordance with these Bylaws and Association Policies, which notice may only be provided should WBEA fail to remedy any alleged material breach or default on its part within (30) days of notice from the full-status member to WBEA to that effect.

2.14 Should a full-status industry member terminate its membership in WBEA, they shall remain obligated to continue to provide the annual membership fees committed WBEA for the remainder of the calendar year during which notice of termination is properly provided to WBEA as adjusted to reflect changes in the Scope of Services resulting from terminating of this Agreement.

2.15 Membership in the Association may be terminated for causes as set out in policies of the Association and as amended from time to time, upon a 75% majority vote by Association Board Members in good standing.


All Members recognize and commit to the philosophical underpinnings of the Association as expressed in its Mission, Vision Outcomes and Strategic Objectives. The philosophies of the Association lie in its grass-roots, community-driven, multi-stakeholder membership with shared values and commitment to consensus-based decision-making. The Association is not for profit, and will provide the data and information it collects through its programs to the public domain for non-commercial use.


The Association will conduct itself in a manner that earns the trust and respect of its Members and the public. The Association and all Members will honor a set of widely accepted moral and humanitarian values. These values include integrity, openness, accountability, service and charity.


As the Association seeks to include within its membership all significant voices and perspectives on environmental management in the Wood Buffalo region, inclusiveness is the governing principle in assessing and encouraging prospective Members.


The Association recognizes the diversity of current and potential future Members and will be flexible in assessing prospective Members and setting expectations of all of its Members consistent with their specific capacities and capabilities.


The strength of the Association lies in the active and constructive participation of all Members in Association activities, initiatives and programs. The Association will encourage all Members to participate effectively in activities of the Association. The Association will ensure that all Members are financially able to participate effectively in the activities of the Association.


The Association seeks to go forward with each new Member, providing additive capacity for further progress, building on the foundation of Association information in the public domain and the Association assets as they exist at the time of Board approval for membership.