Environmental Monitoring and Science Division

The Environmental Monitoring and Science Division of Alberta Environment and Parks is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on key air, water, land and biodiversity indicators. The division’s mandate is to provide open and transparent access to scientific data and information on the condition of Alberta’s environment, including specific indicators as well as cumulative effects, both provincially and in specific locations.

Working with a network of environmental groups such as WBEA, as well as industry and other agencies, the Government of Alberta has been conducting environmental monitoring activities over that past 40 years under the Environment Protection and Enhancement Act.

As natural resources development activities have increased significantly in that time – particularly within the oil sands region in northern Alberta – the province has recognized the need to strengthen its monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities, especially in terms of understanding the impacts of cumulative effects and impact on the environment.

WBEA has entered into a contractual agreement with the Environmental Monitoring and Science Division. As a Working Partner, WBEA is one of the agencies helping to ensure that the Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting Program is delivered with the best expertise possible.


Learn more about how the Government of Alberta is measuring, assessing and informing the public on key ambient air, water, land and biodiversity indicators.