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MEDIA RELEASE: WBEA translates project video for Cree & Dene stakeholders

Fort McMurray, Alberta – In its continued effort to better inform and engage with Aboriginal community members, the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) has translated its newest informational video into Cree and Dene languages. The video features the Association’s Community Odour Monitoring Project, and highlights findings from the pilot year.

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Portable Odour Monitoring in Anzac

WBEA’s Human Exposure Monitoring Program operates a Portable Monitoring Station that contains specialized odour detecting analyzers.

In mid-September, the HEMP Portable was deployed to Anzac to monitor odours for a period of one year. The location of the portable is beside the Nexen Community Office, on Stony Mountain Road. Monitoring data from the Portable is available, in real-time, on the WBEA website.


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MEDIA RELEASE: New video features volunteer-based Fort McMurray Community Odour Monitoring Project

Fort McMurray, Alberta – The newest video produced by Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) gives stakeholders and community members a detailed look at one of the Association’s newer monitoring programs – the Community Odour Monitoring Project.

Odours have become a prominent issue in some communities in the Wood Buffalo region, and WBEA has launched the Community Odour Monitoring Project (COMP) to involve community members in identifying the patterns and types of odours that are commonly experienced in the Fort McMurray area. WBEA’s new video highlights the pilot year of the project, which involved over 35 volunteers in the community of Fort McMurray who were trained to detect and track a variety of common regional odours during the course of their daily activities.

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WBEA@Work Newsletter for August 2014

WBEA@Work is an update of WBEA's latest news and developments. WBEA@Work is an interactive pdf file with live links along the top and right side of the page which will take you directly into articles and feature stories.


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Wildfire & Air Quality Update

Please see the following update from Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) regarding wildfire status and smoke conditions in the Wood Buffalo region:


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New video gives overview of JOSM Summer Air Monitoring Project

A new video is now available detailing the six-week intensive field study conducted by the Air Quality Research Division of Environment Canada, in collaboration with the Alberta-Canada Joint Oil Sands Monitoring (JOSM) partners. The study was done in the oil sands region during August and September of 2013, and included both airborne and ground-based measurements focusing on air pollutants.

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