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AMS 5 - Mannix

The Mannix Air Monitoring Station is located North of the storage tank complex at Suncor (56.967964, -111.482100). 

The Mannix monitoring station contains analyzers that continuously measure Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), and Total Reduced Hydrocarbons (THC). On the left hand side of the station is a tower that is 75 m high. At heights of 20 m, 45 m, and 75 m there are sets of instruments that measure temperature, horizontal wind speed and direction, and vertical wind speed. 

For more information regarding the Mannix Air Monitoring Station, please see the station site documentation

Current Data

Time of Data:
2018-04-21 06:00:00 (Mountain Standard Time)
ParameterHourly AverageAlberta Ambient Air Quality Objective
SO2 0.06 ppb172 ppb
H2S 0.18 ppb10 ppb
THC 2.17 ppm
Temp @ 2m 2.61 deg. C
Temp @ 20m 4.52 deg. C
Temp @ 45m 5.59 deg. C
Temp @ 75m 6.15 deg. C
Wind Speed @ 20m 8.44 km/h
Wind Speed @ 45m 10.75 km/h
Wind Speed @ 75m 12.25 km/h
Wind Speed @ 90m 15.17 km/h
Wind Dir. @ 20m 152.10 deg.
Wind Dir. @ 45m 128.80 deg.
Wind Dir. @ 75m 135.20 deg.
Wind Dir. @ 90m 147.30 deg.
Vertical Wind Speed @ 20m 0.64 km/h
Vertical Wind Speed @ 45m 0.95 km/h
Vertical Wind Speed @ 75m 0.17 km/h
Vertical Wind Speed @ 90m 0.46 km/h

Level 1 data used from this web site is accessible in raw form only before data validation processing. Level 1 data is preliminary and may change during the validation process. Level 2 data has undergone validation review and is considered final data.